Who are the extraordinary women in your life? I bet that you know a number of amazing women, perhaps this includes you. Most women rarely see themselves – their awesomeness – as others do. It is a struggle, too often, for us to even receive sincere compliments given on our appearance and actions.

My mom’s mother had a small farm and never thought of herself as anything special. To me, she could do anything! I remember as a little girl visiting her without bringing toys to play with. Grandmother asked me about my favorite animal and let me choose a colorful piece of cloth from her quilting scraps (yes, she made beautiful quilts from old clothes; an original recycler!). As I watched, Grandmother deftly created a lovely stuffed horse complete with yarn for a mane and tail. I was greatly impressed; proudly showing off my love-made horse for years! Grandmother’s dark root cellar was always full of rows of jars of vegetables that she grew and canned, and her rhubarb pie was legendary. She always seemed to know how to treat sick humans and animals with herbs from her garden. I also learned that Grandmother was the one women called on to help birth their babies. She was indeed quite a woman!

This Mothers’ Day, pause to pay tribute to extraordinary women in your life now and in your family tree. What qualities do you admire? How are you like them? What challenges did they overcome? As you celebrate their courage, perhaps to start over in a new world, or marrying against their family’s wishes, you will find similar threads woven in the fabric of your own life. How are you like these women you admire? Take a moment to reflect and claim this.

*Mindful Moment: Breathe in and center into your body. Imagine someone else telling your story; what qualities of yours would they highlight? How would they say that you have already inspired and helped another? Breathe this in and notice the emotions you feel. Conclude with a breath of gratitude for who you really are.

It is time for us to own our strengths, our accomplishments, ourselves, as the beautiful, soulful tapestries we are. By becoming mindful of even the smallest contribution, you will positively affect future generations and honor extraordinary women as you!

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