Observing the timeline of my life, I can see that even the lowest, most painful spots evolved into higher ground. As my 30 year marriage crumbled, I was devastated and unsure how I would even survive that transition emotionally and every other way. Similarly, the sudden loss of a close loved one, created yet another deep pit I had to climb out of.

Today, just a few years later, I enjoy deeper peace, happiness, and self-assurance than ever before! I have discovered that it is my power to choose my experience of life! We all have this power! Every story of resilience is because a man or woman courageously decided not to let their past or present circumstances limit or define their future; they then became their own “healers”, opening themselves to a wider range of possibility, assistance, and support.

Lea was diagnosed with two life-threatening (terminal) illnesses, one of which was cancer, so she was terrified about the length and quality left of her life when she first came to see me. Just by stepping through my doorway, Lea was already opening to greater possibility. Through her sessions, Lea experienced cathartic emotional healing, restored vitality, and relief from pain. Lea now enjoys more travel and adventure, she has incorporated regular meditation and energy-work and to date, both of her health conditions have gone into and remained in remission! Lea also changed her career to do what she is passionate about and is having the time of her life helping other people!

As Barbara Streisand sings so beautifully, “There are no mistakes, just lessons to be learned”. Lea’s pain became her catalyst for transformation because as she chose to have joy no matter what, I helped shift energy to support her and now she radiates with exuberance and joy!

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