We live in a world of turmoil, constantly bombarded by the clatter of injustice, war, and violence in the media. Relying on external structures leaves us feeling even more overwhelmed and angry. Now, more than ever, is the time to understand the need to shut out the noise and experience the deep inner peace and joy that is our true nature. As we relax and go inside, we detach from all frustrations so that we discover our unique gifts along with passion for what is ours to fulfill. We learn that peace is who we are and we become unshakable with clarity for our purpose. This focus guides us and grows us through times of challenge and pain so that we can fully enjoy life as it is. Mindfulness and meditation provides us with an undergirding of peaceful strength that gives us vision of a much bigger picture.

Dr. Susan is a successful Osteopath who regularly meditates. Though her health is declining with Parkinsons, she remains optimistic. She shared that her research for this disease, has facilitated treatments that have helped her patients tremendously, and for this, she is grateful. Susan continues her search for a cure with faith and courage; finding gifts in every circumstance. She is a living inspiration.

Meditation is a simple practice to quiet the mind and access a state of peace. How would your life be different if you experienced peace most of the time? How would acting from a state of peace improve your work and personal relationships?

Be Still and Know” – Psalms

Only in the depth of pure silence can we hear God’s voice.” – Swami Amritaswarupananda Puria

Not by might, not by power, but by Spirit – Zecharia

Jackie Cole supports personal growth and development in her practice, New Leaf Bodyworks, in Boulder. Her mission is to help others to discover the freedom of living their true nature of joy and peace so that they can use their unique talents fully for the good of all. Contact Jackie for upcoming meditation classes, individual sessions, and more at: jc.energymassage@gmail.com or call: 720-237-42832. NEW LEAF BODYWORKS Energy & Massage Therapy. See website: Www.newleafbodyworks.massagetherapy.com