In this post I want to discuss some of the claims made by the recent Netflix documentary, ‘What the Health?’


If you haven’t seen it, chances are someone you know has, and you can always pass this information on to them.


The documentary makes several claims which vary from not quite true to downright wrong and detrimental to your health.

One amazing, reference-full rebuttal which I came across and endorse is from Dave Asprey of Bulletproof.
You can find the full article here:

The Science Behind the Top 10 Claims from What the Health

I highly encourage you all to read it.

While the overall theme of the film is to reduce/end animal consumption and animal product use, the manner in which they portray their argument is misleading, biased, and not based upon strong science.

In summation, the big takeaways are that:

High carbohydrate load is associated with increased inflammation, as well as type II diabetes and several other conditions

Low carb, high fat diets (ketogenic diets) have been shown to be much more beneficial in the prevention, maintenance and even reversal of DM type II

Sugar, especially processed sugars, can cause drastic swings in hormone production, and can lead to cardiovascular issues

If you eat meat, it is best to avoid over-consumption, and opt for more sustainable options and meats without added hormones and high omega6:omega3 ratios

Personally, I have been pescatarian (veggies and fish) for the last few years, and I noticed once I cut out red meat I felt lighter, more energized, and less inflamed.  I made the choice mostly for political reasons, as a response to the treatment of animals used for food and food products.  I am a strong advocate for sustainable, respectful practices in all avenues, and believe that farming can be done in a similar manner.


I hope this is helpful!