Do you want to change a habit? Want to learn new things quickly? To do this, it is best to rest!

HERE’S WHY: Our brains typically operate with Beta waves; very active, producing tension in the body. Long periods cause us to have overload and break-down because the mind and body were not designed to sustain levels of high stress and activity without deep rest and relaxation. Deep rest slows brain waves to promote repair and rejuvenation. Deep rest is thwarted as the brain is actively “on” so that some find it difficult to unwind and shut down their thinking for sleep or meditation. We need to access deep brain states to free the mind and body to perform optimally and get those creative juices flowing!


  • Bio-feedback: for deeper states of relaxation.
  • Breath: used skillfully, calms the central nervous system, bringing us out of fight or flight.
  • Massage: increases circulation for better overall mind and body function.
  • Meditation: trains focus, slows everything down to access higher awareness.


  • With deep rest, microglial brain cells clean out junk that we no longer need, (maybe a bad habit we are trying to break), actually shrinking the brain to make room for new information, while glial brain cells work to build new pathways for learning new things and making changes with ease.
  • Theta waves stimulate creativity and different ideas (like in the stories of solutions just “popping up” while someone was sleeping).
  • Delta waves give us access to whole brain thinking, inspiration, and higher states of consciousness. There are numerous studies of healings happening in Delta.

I teach mindfulness and meditation which along with massage, bio-feedback, and breathing techniques that help overworked minds and bodies to relax, rejuvenate, and heal. My clients are able to access deep, restful states of peace along with clarity for improved long-term health and happiness.