You may think…”This so-and-so driver ahead of me or the situation at home is the reason for my headache and tension”. News flash! What stresses your body the most is your mind! It is not the event, but the mind’s perception which determines your experience, your reactions, and your outcome.

Is your mind your friend or a harsh task master? Will the mind turn off or quiet down when you need rest or does it keep you up at night? Do you often find yourself over-reacting, over-eating, or judging? Who is really in control? The mind thinks as our early caregivers imprinted it, which then creates our perceptions. Mindfulness teaches us how to catch this so that we can choose according to our own values, instead of reacting to unconsciously motivated thoughts and emotions. For Instance, what would a steady diet of “I’m not good enough, smart enough, or I can’t” produce in your body, your mood, your career, relationships, and your life?

  1. Observe your thoughts – Awareness gives you information to make changes.
  2. Understand the thoughts are not you. Who is thinking the thoughts and how do they influence the way you feel?
  3. What thoughts or outcomes would you like to have instead? Allow yourself to think them (or think of something pleasant to interrupt the current pattern) and observe how you feel in your body as you think pleasant thoughts.

Media magnate, Arianna Huffington of The Huffington Post, suggests that success should not be measured without well-being, otherwise we are stuck in high stress and burnout. Strong emotional intelligence is a more likely indicator of success than either IQ or relevant experience.

I help to reduce stress and burnout so that people perceive differently. As the body relaxes, the heart opens and informs a new way of well-being. The result is a feeling of peace and light along with strength, energy, and motivation. My long-term clients report renewed confidence and clarity plus freedom from pain and illness, as they happily succeed in fulfilling their dreams.

Jaclyn Cole relieves stress and burnout at New Leaf Bodyworks Energy & Massage, in Boulder, a business she has proudly built on referrals for over seven years. Call/email your energy or bodywork questions to Jaclyn at 720-237-4282 or See more including testimonials at