Step 1. LET GO:

Holding on to anything from old pain to stuff, jams up our minds, bodies, and our closets. Fall is the season for letting go; as the leaves and garden are done; we are grateful for their presence and we let them go with grace for the next phase. Sometimes it is not easy to relinquish attachments, as I experienced recently. In preparation for moving, I eliminated many things that I liked but knew would not serve or would be in the way. Now, I am doing just fine living without those things plus I freed up a lot of space!

This Fall, take mindful inventory of what is lingering past its usefulness in your life. Like food after its expiration, what unhealthy expectations and beliefs are you still storing? What are you done with and would like to eliminate? We release and receive with open hands. A closed fist clutches and clings (sometimes to detriment as this story illustrates).

Do you know how to catch a monkey? Find a jar a monkey’s open hand can just slip into and secure it with rope. Then bait the jar with a piece of fruit and hang it where monkeys go. A monkey will grab the fruit, and will get his closed fist stuck while holding on no matter what. The moral of this sad tale is: Whatever does not serve you, LET IT GO!

To let go of attachment:

  1. Set an intention: I let go of all that no longer serves and allow my good to flow in.
  2. Get comfy and with hands open, close your eyes and take full gentle breaths while repeating:

I Breathe in Peace (or a quality you desire to embody) as you Inhale.

I breathe out Struggle (Fear, Tension, Anxiety – works with every issue) as you Exhale.

  1. After 10 breaths, as your body relaxes, you can then Breathe in Peace and Breathe out Peace.Follow the breath for 20 minutes or any time you have, and notice how much lighter you feel.
  • “The root of suffering is attachment” – The Buddha

Jackie Cole, LCMT, RMT, CCTP, B.A., helps clients relieve pain and restore freedom of mind and body with energy-work and mindfulness in her practice, New Leaf Bodyworks, Intuitive Energy-Bodywork., 1035 Pearl Street, Suite 214, Boulder. UNFOLD YOUR BRILLIANCE!