INTUITIVE ENERGY + MASSAGE For Healing Relief, Revitalization,Transformation
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New Leaf Bodyworks

Ever notice how pain and bad moods go together? Our minds and bodies are completely interrelated with our emotions. Thoughts and emotions create vibrations that affect our physicality. Low vibrations of fear, anger, etc. contract us and slow our vitality with internal blocks where we cut ourselves off. This energy is often buried in the unconscious so that we are unaware of its damaging effect on our decisions and health. Einstein said, "To solve a problem, use different energy." This is not "faith healing". I detect and free hidden energy blocks so that you experience freedom and lightness as if you dropped heavy burdens. Many have had "healings" of pain and conditions. Regular clients have progressive changes and transformations that bring them happiness along with clarity about their unique gifts and purpose. When closed hearts open, life becomes a joy again! My training: I am a single mom who worked in diverse situations in mental health and social service. My clients were adjudicated youth and adults; I specialized in stress and trauma. IN 2005, Hurricanes Katrina and Rita blew the communities along the southern coasts away. The Stress Management Team, a group of energy and health practitioners was activated by FEMA to deliver cutting-edge Stress Relief in tents, hospitals, fire-stations, and at military base camps for disaster victims and first responders. I served there and have continued to help individuals acquire personal peace through energy and bodywork.